Thank's to my 219 followers ♥ .

My name is Elizabeth, I'm 16, I have a long story of dieting behind me, but my goal now isn't to be skinny but to get fit as hell, I wanna lose the weight the healthy way and keep the kgs/pounds off ! HEALTHY IS HAPPY ! Be strong and keep going !

GOSH I probably have been hacked or something I’m so sorry for those HORRIBLE pictures that have been reblogged on my tumblr :( I deleted everything and changed my password . 

Excuse my absence, I will not be posting until next week at least, I’m very sick and tired since the beginning of the week, hopefully will be feeling better very soon, I’m so sorry for the lack posting , though I have lot’s of pictures waiting in my computer, so i’ll catch up on that . Hope that you are all doing fantastic, don’t forget to stay healthy and happy, thank’s to all my new followers and thank’s to those who stay with me, I love you all ♥